• Craft Beer
    Spotted Cow
    Riverwest Stein
    Third Space Happy Place 
    MKE Brewing IPA
    Leinenkugal Seasonal
    Blue Moon
    Fat Tire
    White claw
    ​High Noon

  • Cocktails
    Made to order cocktails plus...
    Mango Margaritas
    Mai Tais
    Old Fashioneds
    Brick Punch

  • Wine
    ​Pinot Grigio 

The Yard Bar has something for everyone 

Serving up a variety of canned and tap beer along with made to order cocktails, refreshments and merchandise, The Yard Bar has just what you need on a hot summer's day!

  • Cold Treats 
    Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Ice Cream Cups
    Drum Sticks

  • Merchandise
    Tank tops
    Long sleeve tees

Refreshments & Merchandise

  • Cold Drinks
    Bottled Water

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Domestic Beer
    Miller Lite
    High Life
    Coors Light
    Bud Light
    Busch Light
    Miller 64
    ​Michelob Ultra
    ​O'Doul's NA

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